Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Economist interviews a Venture Capitalist and Vice versa - featuring Marc Andreessen and a "Freakonomist"

An audio/podcast interview of Entrepreneur-turned-investor Marc Andreessen (by Stanford economist Russ Roberts) and of Freakonomics author Stephen Dubner (by angel investor & author Tim Ferriss) went up this week.

I especially liked Andreessen's analysis of why most VCs - by using the usual check boxes - would have missed out on investing in Google and how, if Google had not discovered its revenue model (via Adwords), could have indeed fallen by the wayside (as yet another dotcom without a business model) and the founders ended up as "mid level engineers" at Yahoo (by selling the company for a few millions).

In the Stephen Dubner interview, I liked the discussion relating to the writing process and how lot of even smart folks end up wasting time in winning arguments (vs actually influencing and winning over the audience) and the nice analogy of using a "lead box" to prevent one's "moral compass" from leading one off-course. 

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