Monday, August 30, 2010

Of Air, Waves and Making the World a Better Place

Shai Agassi is easily one of the most inspring young entrepreneurs in the world. After walking away from the CEO job at one of the world's largest software companies, the Israeli entrepreneur founded Better Place with a view to rid the world of oil. While electric vehicles (EVs) are nothing new, the really exciting thing about Agassi's plan is the way he's attacking the problem - making it more economical to own a EV than a petrol/gas-driven car.

Shai Agassi, Founder & CEO, Better Place (Bio)

Source: Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner

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Highlights of the talk (links point to corresponding video snippets):

If you go in to business to make money, you are in the wrong place.

"Money is like air. You sense air, only when there's no air."

What's the next big thing? "If it's already in Wired, it's already too late."

To catch a wave, you need to start before the wave comes. You need to bet ahead.