Friday, September 17, 2010

"Scalability is easy"

Andrew Frame, CEO, Ooma (Bio)

Source: Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner

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Highlights of the talk (links point to corresponding video snippets):

* "Scalability is Easy - If you have a leadership team that can scale, the company can scale"

A team member with both startup experience and big company experience is the ideal, since he/she can bridge between the two.

* "It's hard to start any kind of company. So, why go after a small market?"

* As the company scales, it's important to have a shared vision to ensure alignment among employees.

* Fire (wrong hires) faster at the executive level

"Go with your gut; don't rationalize""Praise (employees) publicly; criticize

* Create a board with "CEOs who've been there before" and build personal relationships
with each of them.