Monday, July 30, 2018

Quick Link: Jason Fried of Basecamp interview by Tim Ferriss

Another great episode of the Tim Ferriss show.

I really loved the part [1:18:16] where Jason describe why and how Basecamp filters new hires by their clarity in written communication  - especially since so much of today's both intra-company and also customer communications is text based. Tim adds that actually interviews candidates over chat!

Other hiring related highlights:
  • Jason digs a little deeper into his unique process for hiring designers that ignores portfolios of past accomplishments. [1:22:37]
  • What questions does Jason ask potential hirees about their creative process that lets him know whether or not they’re someone with whom he can work? [1:28:52]
  • What having everyone in a company work customer service on a rotating basis accomplishes. [1:32:07]

Other Highlights:
  • "Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)" and Jason’s case for reading newspapers over online journalism. [28:24]
  • How negative visualization can be used to make plans and alleviate what might otherwise be constant anxiety. [36:56]

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Prioritization is the Foundational Skill for Startup Founders"

In the inaugural edition of its Podcast series, Accel India's Enterprise Technology focused partner Shekhar Kirani provides interesting insights on the patterns & dynamics he has observed among both successful (including, of course, Freshworks) and failed startup founding teams.

Especially interesting is Shekhar's emphasis on the discernment that founders need to have on what to focus on and when (~minute 25.51 in the audio).
Everyday there will be 100s of things you want to do. (Startup CEOs/Founders) need to prioritize which of the problems they need to solve This Quarter, This Month, Today and Now.
Also, to break a large problem into smaller problems and set up experimentation to validate whether it is a problem worth solving and/or how to go about it.
Other highlights:
  • Importance of "Learn-ability" for founders" (~23.15 minutes)
  • Why "Story Telling" is a key attribute that a Startup CEO should have (to attract employees, investors and customers) 

Link to Audio: Here via SoundCloud