Favorite Podcasts

A “podcast” is a downloadable mp3 format audio file that you can listen to on a smart phone (what else?), mp3 player (remember those?) or on PCs.

Audio is an extremely friendly medium for entrepreneurs – since it can be consumed at convenience in various places like on a treadmill (recommended!), back of the car, etc.

Here are some of our favorite shows:

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital

Startup (Season 1) - A "reality" show that captures how Alex Blumberg "bumbles" (really?) his way into founding, splitting stakes with his co-founder, fund raises and fights the daily battles at Gimlet Media. All the while checking with his wife - Nazneen - as to how she feels about each decision! Riveting stuff.

Stanford E-Corner

Mixergy - by Andrew Warner

Startup Grind

Technology & Management

The Tim Ferris Show - The author of the well known Four Hour Work Week book attempts to dissect the productivity secrets of "world class performers" across sectors. Gets some awesome guests.

James Altucher Show

Seeking Wisdom - by David Cancel



NPR Planet Money

General Interest

TED Radio Hour - NPR

The Way I Heard It - by Mike Rowe


Our Last Week - the first India focused show to make it to the list!

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