Monday, July 30, 2018

Quick Link: Jason Fried of Basecamp interview by Tim Ferriss

Another great episode of the Tim Ferriss show.

I really loved the part [1:18:16] where Jason describe why and how Basecamp filters new hires by their clarity in written communication  - especially since so much of today's both intra-company and also customer communications is text based. Tim adds that actually interviews candidates over chat!

Other hiring related highlights:
  • Jason digs a little deeper into his unique process for hiring designers that ignores portfolios of past accomplishments. [1:22:37]
  • What questions does Jason ask potential hirees about their creative process that lets him know whether or not they’re someone with whom he can work? [1:28:52]
  • What having everyone in a company work customer service on a rotating basis accomplishes. [1:32:07]

Other Highlights:
  • "Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)" and Jason’s case for reading newspapers over online journalism. [28:24]
  • How negative visualization can be used to make plans and alleviate what might otherwise be constant anxiety. [36:56]