Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why & How to Harness Young Men: The Sebastian Junger Interview (by Tim Ferriss)

Awesome Awesome Interview with the Author and War Correspondent.  Huge insights into human behaviour - especially into what makes young men tick and why some kind of national service must be made compulsory. Once you listen, you would also understand exactly what Winston Churchill meant when "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

My Favorite segments:
  • On striving for political correctness in gender [43:59]
  • PTSD, the C-Train, and returning to New York City after being at war [1:08:14]
  • On the lonely nature of society [1:12:01]
  • On the role of journalists:
    • “The point of journalism is to tell the truth. It is not to improve society. There are facts and truths that feel regressive, but that doesn’t matter. The point of journalism isn’t to make everything better; it’s to give people accurate information about how things are.”

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