Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick Links: How SolarCity is delivering cheaper power (than grid power) to consumers

Engaging "From Scratch" interview with Lyndon Rive, CEO of US-based, publicly listed SolarCity, in which he comes across as as a very passionate advocate of solar energy. (The positive way in which he's handled his Dyslexia is inspiring.) His claim that SolarCity is already delivering power to consumers at rates cheaper than that from grid is validated in this NPR Planet Money episode titled "How Solar Got Cheaper".
For a long time, solar power has seemed like a thing of the future. A few environmentalists with a lot of money could afford it, but it wasn't really available for everyone.

That's changed. Suddenly, solar power isn't this weird fringe technology anymore. People get it not to save the planet, but because it's a good deal.

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